1. Mad Information Technology is the sole intellectual property and copyright holder of the Software. All now known or hereafter known tangible and intangible rights, title, interest, copyrights and moral rights in and to the Software, all logical and technical components of Software constituting integral parts of such Software, including but not limited to object and source code, technical documentation, algorithms, databases, UI design components, images, videos, animations, audio, text, data are owned by MAD Information Technology.
  2. The Software or a portion of it is MAD IT’s intellectual property and a copyrightable matter and is liable to protection by the law. Any Customer activities that infringe this Agreement and/or MAD IT Terms and Conditions, violate the intellectual property right and copyright and will be prosecuted in accordance with the applicable law.
  3. According to the present Agreement, Mad Information Technology grants the Customer a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide, limited license to download, install, customize and use the Software for their personal/business needs and purposes in accordance with this Agreement and Mad Information Technology Terms and Conditions for the period of validity of this Agreement.
  4. For the avoidance of doubt, the Agreement constitutes the licensing for the original code base of the Software, meaning the version of the Software available on Website at the moment the Agreement is concluded. Further Software updates are available as part of an active product purchase that grants to the Customer the availability of such updates and support services for the entire purchase period.
  5. The license fee (price of the Software) for the license specified in the clause 3.3 is determined on Website as a part of information about the Software.
  6. For the avoidance of doubt, the Agreement does not transfer the intellectual property right and/or the Copyright of Mad Information Technology to the Customer.
  7. For the avoidance of doubt, the Agreement does not permit to transfer the license between Customers.
  8. This Agreement grants the Customer the right to use one copy of the Software per one Magento installation in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.
  9. The Customer agrees and accepts that the number of licenses purchased from Mad Information Technology must at all times correspond to the number of Customer’s Magento installations.