fonctions magento2

Magento 2 , why?

Simplified management of sales and the purchase funnel 

Product catalog can support more than 1M products

Multi-source stock management with magento MSI

Responsive design (mobile & desktop)

Flexibility with more than 5000 integrable modules

Multilingual / multisite functions

Native SEO optimization

Our Magento2 offers :


Magento2 Installation & Deployment

Installation and monitoring of new instances under AWS or Dedicated servers

 Magento2 developement (code) 

Theme integration, personalized development (modules ...

Service integrations

Interconnection with payment and delivery services.


Installation and configuration of analytical systems (GTM, magento advance reporting etc ...) 

Audit SEO

Audit and implementation of SEO optimization systems (Yoast, google shopping etc ...)

Support & maintenance

Support and migration of existing magento systems (help with configuration or data migration etc ...)

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fonctions magento2

Akeneo , why?

Improve the customer experience

Provide contextual information

Improve the quality of product data

Speed up the marketing of products

Centralize product management

Multilingual Management

Omnichannel management

Our Akeneo services :


Akeneo Installation & Deployment

Installation and monitoring of cloud instances or on Akeneo dedicated server, in open source or enterprise version..

Interconnection with Magento2 

Installation and configuration of the official Magento2 connector, in open source. Custom development, if necessary.

Service integrations

Interconnection with data supplier services (icecat, cnet, etc.).


Support in the migration of data from your database to Akeneo. Through the API and / or CSV exports.


Help with configuring Akeneo instances, defining channels, locales, attributes etc...

Support & maintenance

Support and maintenance of instances ranging from upgrade to performance and security audits.